Breathtaking — A Voice and Cornetto Entwined


Breathtaking — A Voice and Cornetto Entwined

NEW — Chamber Series Concert 1
Breathtaking – A Voice and Cornetto Entwined

This October we launch PBO’s new chamber music series with a few dear friends you have not seen in years and a very special program called Breathtaking – A Voice and Cornetto Entwined on October 28 & 29. Bruce Dickey has been responsible, more than anyone else, for reviving the cornetto and raising it to the level of a virtuoso solo instrument. Rising star, Czech soprano Hana Blažíková had the cornetto and its bright, slightly metallic sweetness as a model for her vocal sound from the time she began singing. Once Dickey and Blažíková began collaborating, they realized they were uniquely poised to explore the affinities of the instrument with the voice. The result is Breathtaking — also featuring Monica Huggett and Grammy® Award-winning director and lutenist Stephen Stubbs.

The pre-concert lecture will be given by Bruce Dickey and will begin 1 hour before the performance in the fellowship hall.

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Hana Blažíková – soprano | Bruce Dickey – cornetto | Monica Huggett, Tekla Cunningham – violin | Joanna Blendulf – viola da gamba | Michael Sponseller – organ and harpsichord | Stephen Stubbs – theorbo

Sonatas, arias and sinfonias by Scarlatti, Cazzati, Corradini, Marini, D’India, Sances, Fontana, Merula, Bassani, and Carissimi

In the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, the cornetto was fabled for its astonishing ability to imitate the human voice. This program puts this imitation center stage, “breathtaking” both because the voice and the cornetto literally make music with the breath, and, we hope, will figuratively take the listener’s breath away. Music of the era, plus, newly commissioned for this project, Mélena imí by Calliope Tsoupaki (b. 1963).

A co-production of Portland Baroque Orchestra and Pacific Music Works