2016-2017 Season

The 2016-2017 Season Is Just Three Weeks Away!

PBOThe 2016-2017 concert season is just three weeks away. There are three very important events in October alone. You’ll find everything you need to know about these opening events, below, as well as a complete list of everything to come this season.

We kick things off with a chance to have Lunch with Monica Huggett and the Members of the Orchestra on October 13. Come, listen to their stories, and let their passion and personality bring you closer to the orchestra you know and love. Please know that $50 of the $75 ticket is tax deductible, so this a great way to treat yourself and support PBO at the same time.

The opening concert, Mozart & Mendelssohn on October 14-16, will feature a violin concerto for Monica and several PBO premieres. “It’s no accident that disciples of Historical Performance are interested in Mendelssohn. For one thing, he was the reason for the revival of the interest in Bach. His grandmother Bella Salomon gave him the score of the all-but-forgotten Bach’s St. Matthew Passion, and in 1829, he conducted the first performance of it in something like 100 years. In his lifetime Mendelssohn was considered a conservative composer—Liszt was somewhat his antithesis—but like Brahms would be, he was a Romantic composer whose compositions incorporate Baroque idioms,” says Monica. “Mendelssohn is a natural composer to pair with Mozart, not just because of their shared youthful genius, but because there is a lightness and clarity about his compositions that’s very similar to Mozart’s.”

At the end of October we launch PBO’s new chamber music series with a few dear friends you have not seen in years and a very special program called Breathtaking – A Voice and Cornetto Entwined on October 28 & 29. Bruce Dickey has been responsible, more than anyone else, for reviving the cornetto and raising it to the level of a virtuoso solo instrument. Rising star, Czech soprano Hana Blažíková had the cornetto and its bright, slightly metallic sweetness as a model for her vocal sound from the time she began singing. Once Dickey and Blažíková began collaborating, they realized they were uniquely poised to explore the affinities of the instrument with the voice. The result is Breathtaking — also featuring Monica Huggett and Grammy® Award-winning director and lutenist Stephen Stubbs. Here is a sneak preview for you to hear just how beautiful this event is going to be:

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