If Bach is the Air We Breathe, Vivaldi is the Oxygen

Antonio VivaldiVivaldi’s 1711 Opus 3, L’estro Armonico, was a shot across the bow of Baroque music. The juggernaut of Arcangelo Corelli had steamed over every composer in Europe, and the concerto (soloist/s accompanied by orchestra) had been perfected in Corelli’s twelve crystalline yet genial concertos for two violins and one cello (and orchestra). No such constraint bound Father Antonio however, so he issued his first publication of concertos… Read More » »

Brandenburg Concertos Nos. 2 & 4

Our Vivaldi’s Spell series features J.S. Bach’s Brandenburg Concertos No. 2, BWV 1047 and No. 4, BWV 1049!

J.S. BachBach’s Brandenburg concertos were submitted as a job application in 1721. Comprising six concertos of entirely different instrumentation, they didn’t impress the Margrave of Brandenburg, whose orchestra didn’t have enough members to play them anyway, and these glorious pieces languished in his archives until 1849. Since their… Read More » »

Preview Vivaldi’s Spell on YouTube

Preview Vivaldi’s Spell with the following recordings of works on the program featuring PBO director Monica Huggett!

Vivaldi’s Spell

Monica Huggett, director + violin

The most virtuosic of the Brandenburgs, No. 2 featuring trumpet, and No. 4 with its Italianate details, match up with works by Vivaldi, the most important composer of the Italian concerto. Hear works by Vivaldi that Bach knew intimately. Featuring Josh Cohen as… Read More » »

Mark Powell to step down as Director of Development and Marketing

PORTLAND, OR — Mark Powell, Portland Baroque Orchestra’s Director of Development and Marketing since 2006, will step down from his position April 15, 2016, to accept a full-time position as executive director of Cappella Romana.

Mark Powell
(Credit: toriavaphotography.com)

Cappella Romana, the Northwest’s leading chamber choir, is perhaps best known to PBO audiences as the chorus for PBO’s annual productions of Handel’s Messiah,… Read More » »

Baroque Wars: The Harpsichord Strikes Bach!


Witness the invention of the keyboard concerto as Alexander Weimann performs the virtuosic Brandenburg Concerto No. 5 with its spectacular harpsichord solo. Music featuring the harpsichord with two instruments (a “triple” pairing) match those by or attributed to Bach’s son, Wilhelm Friedemann Bach. Featuring Janet See as flute soloist.

February 19-21, 2016

Monica Huggett: Eric Clapton of the Violin?

Monica Huggett Eric Clapton Rock and Roll

Monica Huggett, Rock Goddess?

Bill Mayr Reveals Monica Huggett’s Rock Roots:

Coming of age in swinging London of the 1960s, Monica Huggett wanted to become the next Eric Clapton. She became a violinist rather than a rock-guitar goddess, but any disappointment has been eased by a long international career as a top specialist in baroque music and a leader of chamber orchestras in Europe and the United States. … Music from the baroque… Read More » »

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