Il Favorito

Riccardo Minasi, Guest Director

FRI FEB 16 & SAT FEB 17 7:30PM
SUN FEB 18 3:00PM

It is perhaps surprising that the earliest usage of the word concerto in a description of music comes not from the secular or instrumental realm, but is rather used to describe sacred vocal music. The phrase ‘a concerto’ is found in a publication of motets where instrumental doubling of the vocal… Read More » »

Handel’s Messiah - A Portland Tradition

FRI DEC 8 7:30PM
SAT DEC 9 7:30PM *
SUN DEC 10 3:00PM *
About three hours in length

MON DEC 11 7:30PM
About two hours in length

* Saturday and Sunday are sold out for online purchases. Call Monday-Friday for limited GA and single ticket purchases.

Messiah is arguably the most-performed work in all of musical history, and with good reason. As reported in Opera News in May 2017, Paul Agnew will… Read More » »

Peter Whelan on Music From Dublin Castle

Music From Dublin Castle

Peter Whelan

Peter Whelan, Guest Director

FRI NOV 17 & SAT NOV 18 7:30PM
SUN NOV 19 3:00PM

2017 marks a double anniversary: the 275th anniversary of Messiah in Ireland and the 350th of the birth of Jonathan Swift. Swift might not have appreciated that coincidence. “I would not give a farthing for all the music in the universe,” he… Read More » »

Purcell & Shakespeare

FRI MAR 10 7:30PM
TICKETS - First Baptist Church

SAT MAR 11 7:30PM
TICKETS - First Baptist Church

SUN MAR 12 3:00PM
TICKETS - Kaul Auditorium

The audiences of Elizabethan England were typically treated to at least one song during the performance of any given play. Even when songs were inappropriate—as in tragedies—trumpets and drums would have occasionally been used to accentuate the drama. Plays that that had no songs, dance… Read More » »

Bach’s Orchestral Suites

Feb 17-19, 2017

Bach’s orchestral music shows a typically Germanic tendency to imitate the two most celebrated music styles of the day, the French and the Italian. The first was characterized by its elegance and subtle detail, the second by its fiery virtuosity and passionate, spontaneous expression. Many saw the two as being essentially opposites, but, as is so often the case, the two had more in common than fierce patriots of… Read More » »

Le Mozart Noir - Black Mozart: Chevalier Saint-Georges

Chevalier Saint-GeorgesOur February 2nd Concert celebrates the extraordinary accomplishments of Joseph Bologne de Saint-Georges (1745-1799), champion swordsman, French colonel, virtuoso violinist, director of Paris’s finest orchestra, and prolific composer. 

Born in the French colony of Guadeloupe to the plantation owner George Bologne de Saint-Georges and his African slave Nanon, Joseph Bologne de Saint-George faced a life of oppression and poverty. French… Read More » »

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