At-the-Concert FAQ

How long are your concerts?

Most concerts are about 2 hours in length (full Messiah performances are 3 hours in length), but please allow yourself ample time between engagements, as these times are not exact.

How early do I need to arrive for a concert?

Please try to arrive at least 30 minutes before the scheduled start time (earlier is better if you plan to buy tickets at the door). This gives you ample time to settle in and helps us keep the show on time and running smoothly. Latecomers will be admitted at staff discretion between movements or works.

We offer Pre-Concert Talks 60 minutes prior to most concerts (except Messiah). Free and open to the public, these talks are on topics related to the music being performed, and are presented by performers or guest scholars. They are great opportunities to learn more about the music and meet those creating it. 

Is there a dress code for your concerts?

While many people enjoy getting a little dressy for our performances, there is no dress code. If dressing up is not your thing, don’t worry – this is Portland so hiking boots aren’t out of place in our audience! In consideration of those around you, please remember that some patrons have allergies to strong scents including perfume and cologne.

I may have lost something at one of your performances, who should I contact?

First call the PBO office, 503-222-6000. We tend to take lost and found items back to the office with us.

Are your concerts appropriate for kids?

We recommend children be 7 years of age or older to attend PBO concerts.You know the kids in your life best, so please use your best judgement when bringing them to concerts.