Video Streaming FAQ

What’s a YouTube Premiere?

A YouTube Premiere is a video scheduled to premiere at a certain time, just like a movie or TV show premiere. Before and during the premiere viewers can interact in the chat (moderated by us). Viewers can also comment on the video during and after the premiere. Premieres allow PBO patrons, musicians, staff, and board members to all enjoy performances together in a digital concerthall.

What if I cannot watch the performance at the time it premieres?

No problem! Following the premiere, videos will be live on YouTube and at Great Arts. Period. for at least two years.

Will I have access to all the performances?

Yes! Anyone can visit YouTube and watch these performances. It’s a great way to get a taste of what PBO does if you’ve never attended a concert. Plus, you can share the link with friends and family.

Do I have to make a donation to watch these performances?

While all performances are free and available to all, PBO is reliant upon your generous contributions. Normally, ticket sales make up 55% of our revenue. Your contributions make it possible for us to produce Great Music during the ban on large gatherings. Support us today!

Here’s a list of all the devices you can use to watch YouTube Premieres.

In addition to your computer, phone, or tablet, you can watch YouTube on TV through many devices available around the world. Click here to see a constantly updated list of devices.